The St Clair Recording Studio Acknowledgements

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A special thanks to Geoff Byrne, Ossie Byrne’s brother; to Dick Ashby, the Bee Gees’ manager; to David Kilby of 2CN Canberra, and to Nat Kipner.

Photographs used by permission of Dick Ashby and Geoff Byrne; photographs from Everybody’s magazine held by the Mitchell Library, Sydney, NSW. Ossie Byrne’s 1943 RAAF enlistment photo courtesy of National Archives. Photocopy of Geoff Mack’s LP back cover courtesy of ScreenSound Australia.


Geoff Byrne, Nat Kipner, Barrington Davis, Col Joye, Toni McCann, Colin Peterson (Steve & The Board, Bee Gees), Ron Watford (The Mystics), Jon Blanchfield, Geoff Mack, Bruce Davis (The Allusions), Jim Steedman (The Del-Fi’s), Dinah Lee, Marty Rhone, Vytautas Zvirzdinas, Dennis Wilson and Russell Barnsley (Kevin Bible and the Book), Geoff Grant Streeter.


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Thanks are also due to:

Melissa Harper; Mark Crohan; Peter Cox at the Powerhouse Museum; Ron Smith; John Wylie Pearce; Brad Owen at RAAF Museum, RAAF Base Williams, Point Cook, Vic; John Bailey SA RSL President Year 2002; National Archives of Australia; Simon Drake and Ruth Hill at ScreenSound Australia; Joe Brennan; Paul Layton of the New Seekers; Harry M. Miller; ABC TV "New dimensions in time" with George Negus; Hank Facer of the Museum of Indigenous Recording Labels; Duncan Kimball of Milesago; Glenn A. Baker and Kevin Mueller of Raven Records; Mitchell Library, Sydney, especially Denise Wyatt, Jane Johnson and Jennifer Broomfield; Garry Paige; Richard White, History Dept., Uni of Sydney; Hurstville Library, including Frances Sherwin, Laurie Urane and Carmel Blakeley; Julie Fitzsimons and Hurstville Local Studies Centre; Tom Thompson; Brian Shaw; Marion of; Terri Bridge; Vicious Sloth Collectables

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