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Hurstville LMG social media contributor’s agreement

Terms of use

Hurstville City Library, Museum & Gallery (LMG) social media sites are used for the purpose of promoting library & museum services, exhibitions and to facilitate discussion about topics of cultural interest. Hurstville LMG is interested in your opinion. The response from our community will directly influence how we continue to operate our social media platforms and how we change and grow in the future. Our social media sites, including but not limited to Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter & YouTube, are monitored daily and are moderated by members of staff.

Hurstville LMG reserves the right to monitor submissions from the public. If the content is in context to the conversation, regardless of whether or not the content is favourable towards Hurstville LMG, it is welcomed. However, any submissions deemed to be misleading, false, defamatory, profane, discriminatory, slanderous, threatening, harassing, abusive or hateful will be immediately deleted. Hurstville LMG also reserves the right to delete any spam or commercial content. Staff will be monitoring submissions from the public during business hours to ensure that inappropriate submissions are dealt with as soon as possible.

All material submitted to any Hurstville LMG social media site is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) to share and redistribute for non-commercial use only.
Hurstville LMG will respect all copyrights and trademarks when promoting and producing content. If you see content that breaches any agreements, please contact us.

Hurstville LMG staff cannot guarantee that information posted will be accurate 100% of the time; however, we will endeavour to correct it as soon as possible. Hurstville LMG will not retain names, email addresses, or any other personal information. Please take note of the LMG privacy policy. Also see the privacy policies and terms of service of each individual social media site before making any submission. Any information posted on social media platforms is shown in the public domain, so please remember this before posting any content.

Hurstville LMG considers interaction on all social media platforms comparable to a telephone conversation, and is not a formal mode of communication. For any formal correspondence and enquires, please contact us by email or in writing to ensure that matters are dealt with by staff in accordance with the Hurstville City Library Museum and Gallery Customer Service Guidelines (PDF 223.61kB)
The opinions expressed by contributors are those of the individual and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Hurstville LMG or Hurstville City council.

Social media services allow Hurstville LMG to provide the community with links to 3rd party websites. The LMG does not endorse nor accept any liability for the content or reliability of these 3rd party websites.
As a contributor, you agree to:
  • submit comments or works to Hurstville LMG social media sites under the Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) license agreement to share and redistribute content for non-commercial use only and abide by the terms of this agreement
  • refrain from posting comments that are misleading, false, defamatory, profane, discriminatory, slanderous, threatening, harassing, abusive or hateful
  • abide by all local and international copyright regulations.
Failure to abide by the above conditions will be considered inappropriate behaviour and lead to postings being removed in the first instance. Subsequent instances of inappropriate behaviour will lead to the contributor being blocked from further interaction with our social media sites.