Insignia - Coat of Arms

InsigniaHurstville City Council adopted the current coat of arms as part of the Council’s centenary celebrations in 1987. It was designed by Dr H. Ellis Tomlinson, the Heraldic Designer of Lancashire, UK.

The coat of arms features St George bearing a shield and sword, a red walled crown, two dragons and a motto. St George is included as the patron saint of Hurstville’s first church, guarding the region with a sword.

The shield comprises the red cross of St George, the blue representing the water of the Georges River, and three gum trees which symbolise the Council’s three wards (Hurstville Ward, Peakhurst Ward, and Penshurst Ward).

As a symbol of local government since Roman times, the red walled crown is included, which also references the early brick making industry in the area.

Two St George dragons, with feet resting on tree stumps, represent the early forestry industry of the Hurstville district.

The motto ‘By Wisdom and Courage’ was first used in an earlier crest that celebrated Hurstville Council’s 75th anniversary.

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