Bee Gees in the Australian Press 1965-67

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Australian Press

Everybody's was a Weekly pop culture magazine published Sydney, ca. 1961 - 1968 by Consolidated Press. For more information see MILESAGO: Australasian Music & Popular Culture 1964-1975 and Wikipedia

Everybody's 1965 - "The Bee Gees"
Everybody's 1965 - LP Review Barry Gibb & the Bee Gees
Everybody's 1966 - LP Review "Spicks & Specks"

Everybody’s 20/7/1966 p17

"The Bee Gees’ new disc "Monday’s rain" has been barred by every radio station in Sydney on the grounds that the Bee Gees are not original enough! Surely they’re joking!…The Bee Gees for heavens sake write their own material. And you can count people like that on one hand."

Everybody's 27/7/66 p 22 - "Popping the Question"

Everybody’s 3/8/1966 p 19

"I was rather shocked to read Maggie Makeig’s column about the Sydney radio stations not playing the Bee Gees’ new single, "Monday’s Rain". "Not original enough", they said. But a quick check revealed that with one exception Melbourne radio stations aren’t playing it either. The one exception is John Royce of 3KZ who gets our pat-on-the-back weekly award." Bob Staines.

Everybody’s 10/9/1966 p 16

5KA Adelaide talent awards

Best Australian composition – Barry Gibb & the Bee Gees for "I was a lover, a leader of men."

Everybody's 19/10/66 p 13 - "All Eyes are on Spicks & Specks"

Everybody's 14/12/66 p 22 - "The Bee Gees Star Dossier No. 13"

Go-Set 25/1/1967 p12

Bee Gees write from the high seas c/v Fairsky, from Hughie Gibb, manager for the Bee Gees, just approaching Thursday Island

"On behalf of the Bee Gees I would like to thank you and your paper most sincerely for making their record "Spicks and Specks" your choice as Best Record of the Year…[Hughie rebutted the suggestion that the Bee Gees sailed on the strength of the success of their hit single.] Our sailing arrangements were made as far back as August last year (1966), some weeks before "Spicks and Specks" was released.

Everybody’s 22/2/1967 p.38

2UE’s Music Industry Awards

Best Australian group recording: "Spicks and Specks" – the Bee Gees

Go-Set 1/3/1967 p1

Bee Gees hit it big in London – signed by Epstein.

"Spicks and Specks" released on 24/2/1967 in London on Polydor.

Go-set 29/3/1967 p10

Ronnie Burns – "My last singles were both original songs written by the Bee Gees, who incidentally in my book are the most original group to emerge from Australia…Polydor over in England thought the Australian recorded "Spicks and Specks" by the Bee Gees was good enough to release over in England without re-recording it".

Go-Set 24/5/1967 p1

Bee Gees slam Aussie scene!

"We are NOT an Australian group and we do NOT like being compared to the Beatles", they burst out unanimously in broad Mancunian accents. "We never wanted to go to Australia in the first place", said Barry, "but I was only 12 at the time and I couldn’t very well complain."

Perhaps England is where some of the boys were born many years ago, but Australia is their home!

Go-Set 31/5/1967 p3

Stan Rofe, prominent Melbourne DJ

"I honestly believe that in many ways Australian show business handed out more knocks to those kids than they deserved. For years they struggled to make a name for themselves as composers, and from almost every corner they were laughed at, patted on the head and told to go play with their trains…Let’s for the time being treat them instead as very talented "angry young men".

Go-Set 9/8/1967 p3

Bee Gees

"It was all just a case of misinterpretation…We all love Australia and get very homesick for it…"

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